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Projects & Design
By Margaret Ann & Luke M Hunter

Vacation Rental Cabin

In 2018 we designed and build Dovetails as a vacation rental cabin.  Nestled into the woods of Flat Rock Forest, this blend of old world charm with modern finishes is a welcoming environment.


Flat Rock Fence
In Charleston Green

The scenic, historic roads of Flat Rock were once lined with miles of this fence.  Here we have customized the original design to better fit our clients wants and needs.  The traditional fence would have been white and had a fourth horizontal board added to the bottom.

From Woodshed to Tea Shed!

We started with an old woodshed and it turned into this!  The windows and door were purchased from Historic Flat Rock Inc. and are recycled from an old building associated with Mountain Lodge.  Mountain Lodge was the first house built in Flat Rock. c. 1827

The patio is local reclaimed antique brick.  The fire pit is a custom sand casting of an antique sugar cane kettle.


Goat Barn

Custom designed for the goat life!  These Nubian goats love their elevated barn.  It keeps them cool in the summer and they like being on top of anything.

goat barn
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